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Safety Tips Once You Buy a Compressed Air Treatment System

Over the years, more and more business owners have opted to buy a compressed air treatment system for their workspaces. Whether you own a factory or your line of business is in construction, a compressed air treatment system can be highly beneficial for the productivity of your business. However, since compressed air treatment systems seem to be easy to operate, some business owners may underestimate the safety hazards posed if the equipment is employed incorrectly. If you have recently purchased a compressed air treatment system for your business, here are a few of the safety tips you should be aware of to ensure safe operation:

Have a schedule for occasional maintenance

Compressed air treatment systems are quite durable and dependable. Nevertheless, if they are to stay in pristine working condition, it is imperative to have the system maintained on a routine basis. This maintenance should not be prompted by malfunction, but rather should be part of your regular operations so that any potential issues can be identified before your compressed air treatment system malfunctions. Furthermore, it is also advisable to monitor the equipment remotely so that you can receive regular updates of the functioning of the system.

Keep tabs on the pressure ratings

Although compressed air treatment systems do need pressure to function, it should be noted that excessive pressure could cause operational problems. It is mandatory for all business owners to have the various components of the system, such as the hoses, pipes and fitting, checked for the appropriate pressure settings. Additionally, these routine checks can help you uncover any hidden leaks, giving you the chance to have them addressed before they cause a major issue with your compressed air treatment system.

Have the shut-off valves close by

You may not anticipate your compressed air treatment system breaking down, but it is still important for your employees to know exactly how to turn off the air if an issue does arise. Some people make the mistake of keeping the shut-off valves out of sight, as they think that keeping them in the open will make it easier for individuals to shut down the compressed air treatment system by mistake. The reality, however, is that the shut-off valves should be in plain view so that if any problem is to come about, the source of the air can be turned off immediately, which can dramatically decrease the chance of irreparable damage or injury.

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