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3 Ways Screw Piles Speed up Your New Home Build

When you're building a new home, speed is often important. You and your family want to move in as quickly as possible; you want to keep construction time to a minimum to keep costs low. While you don't want to cut corners, you'll look for ways to shorten the construction process wherever you can.

When you're planning your foundations, consider screw piles over alternatives like concrete. These piles are just as effective, and they can be a good way to shorten the time it takes to get your foundations ready for your build. How can screw piles save you time?

1. Speed of Installation

Screw piles are quick to install. Unlike other piling methods which involve boring holes and then installing piles, screw piles are literally screwed directly into the ground. Once a pile is screwed in place, the job is done. Plus, your pile installation won't be held up if the weather turns bad. Screw piles can be installed in even rainy weather conditions that would hold up other types of foundation work until the weather improves.

2. Ease of Installation

Screw piles also require less specialised equipment and manpower. Your construction team may be able to install screw piles using existing machinery like excavators. You won't need to wait to hire specialist cranes or operators to get the job done.

Your construction crew won't have to divert a lot of people to your piling job. Screw piles don't need that much manpower. This means that the rest of your crew can continue to work on other jobs or start new ones while the piles are being installed.

3. Immediate Use after Installation

Some piling methods aren't good to go as soon as the piles have been installed. For example, if you're using concrete piles, then you may need to wait for the concrete to cure before you can start work on your actual building. This isn't a problem with screw piles. You can build on them as soon as they're fully installed. Plus, you won't have to waste time getting soil waste off your site before construction starts. Screw piling doesn't require the removal of earth to create foundations, so your site will be clear immediately.

If you think that screw piling will be a good match with your building plans, contact a few screw pile contractors and ask them about their services. They can take a look at your site or plans and help you work out an effective solution.