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2 possible reasons why the temperatures in your manufacturing facility are unusually high

If the temperatures in your manufacturing facility are unusually high and you are concerned about the impact that this might have on your employees' health and the condition of the products that your facility makes, then it's important to get to the bottom of this issue as quickly as possible. Here are two possible reasons for this temperature problem. 

1. There is a leak in one of your chilled water pipes

If your facility uses a chilled water system to keep the temperature in the building low, and you have recently noticed a spike in indoor temperatures, then it is possible that there is a leak in one of the chilled water pipes that make up this system. Even a small leak in a single chilled water pipe could have a significant impact on this system's ability to regulate the temperatures inside your facility.

The reason for this is that the water inside these pipes can only perform its function (which is to absorb heat and carry it away from the building) if the pipes through which it flows are fully insulated and sealed. If a hole forms in the wall of a pipe, two problems could occur. Firstly, the amount of water inside the system will be reduced (as some of it will seep out through this opening). Secondly, the water that does stay in the pipe will not stay cool, as the hole will allow warm air to come into contact with the water and raise this fluid's temperature.

These issues will then lead to the system failing to regulate your facility's temperatures, which will, in turn, cause the indoor temperatures to rise. As such, if you have noticed a spike in the indoor temperatures in your building, you should check the condition of all of your chilled water pipes and replace any which are found to be leaking.

2. A piece of machinery is overheating

The machinery that is used in major manufacturing facilities is often very large and powerful. As such, if a piece of industrial machinery in an enclosed area overheats, the temperatures in that area will soon begin to rise. Given this, if your manufacturing facility has become excessively warm, then it might be a good idea to inspect your machinery, as some of it might be overheating.

Machines of this kind can overheat for many reasons. Sometimes, this issue occurs because the machinery's coolant fluid (the liquid that absorbs the heat which is created by the machine when it performs its functions) has leaked out or degraded. In other cases, this issue is caused by a lack of lubricant on the machine's moving parts (this can lead to friction, which can, in turn, create heat) or by the machine being used for excessively long periods of time.

In any of these scenarios, the solution could be very simple; simply replace or top up the missing or degraded fluids or avoid overusing the machine.