How to Choose the Right Laser Cutting Technique

Important features of portable laser cutting machines

Laser cutting technology has steadily expanded into many different industries. In addition to its use in cutting industrial manufacturing components, laser cutting also comes in handy when engraving items, creating markings, and cutting objects made of many different materials (such as leather, paper, plastics, etc.).

In addition to the large industrial laser cutters used to fabricate heavy metals, there are portable CO2 lasers that come in a more user-friendly design. These portable laser cutters are effective at achieving smooth cuts, little to no dust, and high levels of precision. They're becoming popular options because they can be easily installed and used in many different settings, such as for plastic laser cutting.

If you're looking for a portable laser, make sure it has the following important features.

1. A powerful, quality CO2 laser

The first thing you should look for in a laser cutter is a quality and powerful internal laser. Newer laser cutter machines are able to pack lots of energy into a smaller, portable unit. Therefore, don't think you have to compromise on quality simply because your machine is smaller in size. A sealed CO2 laser within a glass tube ensures that your machine is capable of achieving quality and precise cuts.

The glass tube surrounding the laser should also be sturdy enough to avoid breakage. This will allow your laser beam to remain accurate and powerful throughout the cutting process.

2. High precision and less waste

You should also prioritise precision when looking for a portable laser cutter. Newer portable machines are designed to cut many different materials within only micrometres of error. Therefore, you can achieve more precise cuts when engraving a precious item (such as a ring) or when designing components for a large machine in your business.

Portable laser cutters also result in less wastage of raw materials. They contain a smaller mounting surface (or cutting table) where you don't need to place excess materials during the cutting process. Less wastage results in cost savings to your company.

3. Multimedia connectivity

With newer laser cutters, you can also enjoy connectivity across multiple media platforms. For example, you can obtain a machine with a USB interface, Ethernet connectivity and SD card input. These multimedia functions enable the machine to interact with other devices via Bluetooth or WiFi signals. In particular, Ethernet connectivity enables your laser cutter to connect to the internet for firmware updates and smart functions.

4. Sturdy build quality

You should also look for portable laser cutters that have a sturdy build frame. This ensures that your substrate is held firmly in place throughout the cutting process. It also minimises unnecessary vibrations that may interfere with precision cutting.