Industrial Manufacturing

The 3 Common Uses of Austenitic-316 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most useful metals in the manufacturing process. Without the alloy, items such as planes, motor vehicles, boat parts and even smaller items such as kitchen cutlery would not exist as we know them. However, not many people realise that stainless steel is a generic term that is used to refer to a wide variety of alloy grades which serve different uses in industry and domestically.

Tips When Buying a Water Tank.

A water tank is an essential item in any home. However, little effort goes into selecting water tanks, hence most homeowners end up buying the wrong water tanks. The consequence of these rushed decisions is disappointment after a few months of use. This excerpt explains what factors you should consider when buying a water tank. They include;  Size.  When selecting a water tank, you must consider your current and future needs.

Road Traffic Barriers: How Do You Know What to Buy?

Roads are the gateway to nearly all places that people need to go. They have gradually become a necessity for everyone's mobility. All roads, no matter how much traffic they serve, must be in good condition. They will save lots of time and generate lots of money. Sadly, repairing and restoring roads is not a walk in the park, especially in packed residential areas. You must invest in safety barriers to redirect traffic and ensure a safe working environment for your workers.

What You Need to Know Before Commencing Sandblasting Work

Sandblasting is widely used as a surface preparation technique for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Whether you're looking to refinish your concrete garage floor, remove rust from industrial machinery or clean boat hulls, sandblasting can be used to prepare almost any surface.     If you're planning to do sandblasting work, here's what to know before getting started. Sandblasting Is Potentially Dangerous Work Sandblasting involves shooting a high-velocity, high-pressure stream of abrasive media against a part or surface to achieve a smooth, clean finish.

2 possible reasons why the temperatures in your manufacturing facility are unusually high

If the temperatures in your manufacturing facility are unusually high and you are concerned about the impact that this might have on your employees' health and the condition of the products that your facility makes, then it's important to get to the bottom of this issue as quickly as possible. Here are two possible reasons for this temperature problem.  1. There is a leak in one of your chilled water pipes

The Advantages of Perspex Windows Over Ordinary Glass

If your industrial business deals with the manufacture of windows, then the regular supplies you may elect to use are annealed or laminated glass. But if you want an edge over your competition, you should consider branching out and including perspex into your industrial and manufacturing supplies. Perspex, also known as plexiglass, is just as transparent as glass. Thus, it works well in windows applications and offers a host of advantages that your clients will not enjoy from traditional glass.

Which Manufacturing Company Should You Choose?

Do you need metal fabrication services for your latest product? One of the most popular metals for manufacturing purposes is stainless steel. Stainless manufacturing is a great way to create versatile products for a range of industry sectors, yet few companies find it economically viable to invest in their own fabrication workshops. Unless you create a large number of products with a nonstop manufacturing line, it is more sensible to outsource your production facilities to a contract manufacturer.

How to Use Thermal Resistivity Testing Before You Sink Your Cables

If you want to develop an area for a new residential or commercial project, you need to investigate the suitability of the terrain and, specifically, the soil. This will help you determine whether you can install underground transmission cables or pipelines to help service your development within the existing soil or if you may have to modify the material for the purpose. To help you answer these questions, you should commission soil thermal resistivity testing.

Three reasons to use a commercial laser cutting machine

In a fast-paced, competitive business environment the most efficient way to manufacture your products is to use commercial laser cutting. It may be romantic to harbour dreams of a skilled craftsman carefully shaping each product using hand tools but in the modern world manual techniques are slow and error-prone, they simply do not allow you to compete on price with similar mass-produced products. Here are three reasons why you should use commercial laser cutting for your next production run.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Staircases With Custom Options

When you begin remodelling your home and your staircase, you may be looking at some upgrades. Though you can go with prefabricated staircase options that your contractor can install, there are some other options to consider. One of the options available to you is to go with custom staircases from your contractor. Here are some of the benefits to using a custom built service for your staircase upgrade. Custom Materials