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A Guide to Buying a Generator

In industrial settings, the generator is an essential piece of equipment, as it ensures that machines continue to run when there is a power outage. They are also used to run various construction and repair machines in areas that do not have an electricity connection. If you want to buy a generator, below are a few tips to help you. 

Type of generator. 

You have to choose between getting a petrol generator or a diesel generator. Petrol generators are preferable for light operations, while diesel generators are preferred for heavy duties such as powering heavy industrial equipment. Most petrol generators are portable and less noisy than diesel generators. However, there are some diesel generators that are small and portable. 

Size of the generator.

Since generators come with different power ratings, you have to ensure that the generator can power all kinds of equipment at the site. You do not need a large generator if you intend to power a single machine such as a drill or a jackhammer trolley. If you want to run a lot of equipment at once, then the generator must have sufficient power outlets.

The Running time.

The running time refers to how long the generator can run with a full tank of fuel. A generator with a long run time does not have to be refilled frequently. Ensure that you have sufficient fuel on site. This prevents time wastage when the generator runs out of fuel.


There are different types of generators in the market today. Before buying a specific model, do some research on its performance. Check for online reviews or inquire about its performance from people using it. Ensure that the generator is reliable. Generators that frequently break down will cost you a lot of money in repairs. 


If you need a commercial grade generator, then you might require professionals to install it at the site. You need a concrete pad to place the generator on. Besides, it should be sheltered against harsh weather conditions. If it is to be placed in a room, ensure that it has an outlet for exhaust gases. Small generators might not require an electrician during installation. However, observe safety precautions during installation to avoid exposing your employees to electrocution.


Most reputable brands will price their generators around the same price. Nonetheless, always ask for discounts from the seller. The generator's spare parts should also be affordable and accessible.

When purchasing a generator, decide what kind and size of generator you want, its running time, reliability, installation, and price.