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Which wooden pallet should you choose?

If you need to ship goods around the world in bulk, then you will probably want to use wooden pallets to safely transport your products. Transporting goods loose is more expensive, the items take up more space and the products are more prone to damage through excessive handling.

For convenience, most courier services require you to use a pallet for bulk pick-up and deliveries, but how can you tell which type of wooden pallets are most suitable for your shipping needs? As a general rule, all wooden pallets used for export must comply with ISPM16, the wood export certification, but beyond that, the choice of pallet is up to you. Pallets are available in a variety of materials, and even if you stick to wooden pallets, there are at least three types of pallet you might choose. Here are the three most common types of wooden pallet along with the advantages of each.

Standard wooden pallets

This is the most common type of pallet and also the cheapest to buy. Standard wooden pallets are of a strong, durable construction and are able to cope with loads of up to 1000 kg without a problem. The simple construction of these pallets means that any damage to the pallet can be quickly repaired, and when the time does come to replace the pallet, it can be broken down and recycled without a problem.

Presswood pallets

The rounded corners and lower weight of the presswood pallet design allow the wooden pallets to be easily manoeuvred and efficiently stacked. Presswood pallets are created by moulding dried wood chips into the desired shape at high temperatures. The resulting pallet can weigh up to 60% less than a standard wooden pallet. The moulded design of presswood pallets is not only lightweight but also avoids the danger of protruding nails, which can sometimes be a problem with standard pallets. The disadvantage of this design is that not all types of warehouses can facilitate presswood pallets, so you will need to check with the destination warehouse before you send the pallet.

Plywood pallets

The design of plywood pallets is frequently simpler than that of standard wooden pallets with just a single board covering the top of the pallet. Plywood pallets are ideal for lighter loads that need a degree of support. The lighter construction of these pallets makes them simple to manoeuvre, and their smooth surface does not absorb as much water as a standard pallet. Despite these advantages, not all warehouses can accommodate plywood pallets, so remember to ask about the warehousing facilities before you book a plywood pallet for your next load.

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