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Why Powder Coating Is Superior to Wet Spray Painting

If you are planning to customise the finish of your product, whether it's anything from a car to a railing, you may be leaning toward painting the surface. And while the use of wet spray paint is the conventional method of adding colour to product surfaces, powder coating is steadily becoming the top choice for both residential and industrial applications alike. Powder coating is the process of applying pigments onto a surface electrostatically. This process vastly differs from spray painting and does offer a host of advantages over the traditional method of painting surfaces. Here are three main reasons why powder coating is superior to wet spray painting.

Powder coating is an environmentally conscious solution.

While painting is the conventional way of incorporating colour to surfaces, it does pose a few environmental challenges. Paint uses solvents and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). When these substances are released into the environment, they can cause progressive degradation with time. Thus, the more paint people use globally, the more harm they do to the environment. Secondly, painting usually results in wastage. Not to mention that any leftover paints typically end up in landfills. Powder coating, on the other hand, does not contain substances that will be toxic to the environment. Moreover, any spilt or leftover powder can be re-used. Hence, powder coating is much more eco-friendly than traditional wet spray painting.

Powder coating creates exceptional finishes.

Another reason why powder coating is steadily surpassing wet paint as the go-to coating is the superior finish that this process provides. Powder coating, to begin with, adheres directly onto the surface of the item that you are coating. Hence, the finish is at a limited risk of chipping and cracking, which is commonplace with wet painting coatings. Secondly, powder coating is a top choice when coating metallic items since it helps to minimise the risk of corrosion. Since the finish will not degrade, it is less likely that rust will form on your products; this translates into increased longevity for your finish. Once paint chips, the surface of your product is exposed to the environment, which increases the chances of rust and other forms of damage.

Powder coating offers fast turnaround times.

The third reason why powder coating is a premium finish for your products is the quick turnaround time that it provides. After the pigment is applied electrostatically, the product is then cured via baking. Thus, the surface is ready for use in the shortest time possible. Wet spray painting, conversely, needs a longer period to dry before you can come into contact with the surface, and this means extended production times.