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Benefits of Upgrading Your Staircases With Custom Options

When you begin remodelling your home and your staircase, you may be looking at some upgrades. Though you can go with prefabricated staircase options that your contractor can install, there are some other options to consider. One of the options available to you is to go with custom staircases from your contractor. Here are some of the benefits to using a custom built service for your staircase upgrade.

Custom Materials 

You may have the design in your mind for the staircase, but the materials are a problem. For example, you may love the look of a spiral staircase, but you may not want to use wood. You may want to use a sleek stainless steel with glass balustrading. This option may not be available as a prefabricated option. You can take the design to your contractor and have it done in the material choices you want, colour scheme you want and the design that fits your needs. You can also order special materials if you are looking for a specific type of metal or wood for your custom design.

Customised Sizing

If you have a small space to work with, you may have an issue finding a prefabricated staircase that will fit the area without needing to be cut down. Cutting it down may be an option, but it could leave you with an uneven looking staircase or with issues that need to be fixed. If you want to avoid this problem, you can have your contractor design your custom staircase. The staircase can be built to fit your space, no matter how small, while giving you the look you are trying to achieve. You also avoid uneven areas or steps that are spaced slightly higher or lower than others.

Custom Amenities

If you are upgrading your staircase to fit amenity needs, such as a wheelchair lift, then you might have some issues with prefabricated options. The prefabricated options for your staircase may not accommodate a chair lift or may need alterations to accommodate the chair lift. With a custom staircase, you can incorporate the amenities like the chair lift easily. You can also make sure that the balustrades can hold the weight of the chair as well as maintain the look and appeal you want.

These are just a few of the benefits to a custom staircase upgrade from your contractor. If you are ready to move forward with design and construction, contact your contractor for assistance.