How to Choose the Right Laser Cutting Technique

Three reasons to use a commercial laser cutting machine

In a fast-paced, competitive business environment the most efficient way to manufacture your products is to use commercial laser cutting. It may be romantic to harbour dreams of a skilled craftsman carefully shaping each product using hand tools but in the modern world manual techniques are slow and error-prone, they simply do not allow you to compete on price with similar mass-produced products. Here are three reasons why you should use commercial laser cutting for your next production run.

Production is quicker with laser cutting

Using manual tools means that each worker can only make one cut at a time. First, they must set-up each cut with the appropriate tooling before marking the line to be cut and then finally making the cut. Once the cut is completed they then need to set up the next cut and repeat the procedure until the desired shape is achieved. With commercial laser cutting, there is no tooling to set-up since the cutting is done with a laser, not by a blade. Setting up the cutting is also quicker with a laser since the required cutting program only needs to be entered into the computer once and then the program can be repeated as many times as desired with no further set-up being required.

Designs can be more complicated with laser cutting

When you cut a material by hand the complexity of the design you can produce is limited by the skill of the one making the cut. A complex cut will often be slower to produce and it is more likely that a mistake will be made at some stage causing the material to be discarded and forcing the worker to begin again with a fresh piece of material. Commercial laser cutting is guided by a computer following a set of programmed instructions, and you can have confidence that a cut will be identical each time it is made. There should be no cutting errors because if a cut is programmed correctly, and it is right the first time you can be sure it will be made correctly every time no matter how complicated the design may be.

There is less waste with laser cutting

Every time a mistake is made by the craftsman the material is wasted and the cost of production is increased. Using a computer controlled commercial laser cutting machine avoids the possibility of human error. Computer cutting also allows cuts to be made in close proximity to each other than would be possible using human skill alone meaning that less material can be used to produce the same amount of product.