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The Advantages of Perspex Windows Over Ordinary Glass

If your industrial business deals with the manufacture of windows, then the regular supplies you may elect to use are annealed or laminated glass. But if you want an edge over your competition, you should consider branching out and including perspex into your industrial and manufacturing supplies. Perspex, also known as plexiglass, is just as transparent as glass. Thus, it works well in windows applications and offers a host of advantages that your clients will not enjoy from traditional glass. This article expounds on a few of the advantages that perspex windows offer over ordinary glass windows.

Low thermal conductivity

The degree of thermal conductivity of windows is critical, particularly in Australia, since this specification is what will determine how much thermal loss and gain that the house is exposed to. When compared to conventional glass supplies, the thermal conductivity of plexiglass is incredibly low. This characteristic translates into various advantages. To begin with, the windows will experience less condensation, which means that the window frames will have a long life span. Additionally, the low thermal conductivity means that the property has increased insulation and the residence will maintain comfortable temperatures irrespective of the season.

Enhanced optical transmission

While both laminate glass and perspex glass will both allow for optical transmission, the degree of light that passes through each of these supplies is different. Although regular glass windows do have high optical transmission, plexiglass allows for much more light to pass through it. And even when the windows are thick, the optical transmission is still quite high. It should also be noted that the thicker the mineral glass windows are, the more visible the greenish tint from the iron oxide inside the glass. Perspex does not present this tint no matter how thick the windows are, which translates into better clarity than normal glass.

Unparalleled scratch resistance

A common complaint that people have regarding conventional glass is that it is quite prone to scratches. Thus, if improper cleaning supplies are used or if a curious child tries to put markings on the glass, the surface of the windows will become progressively unsightly. Perspex is derived from acrylic supplies. Therefore, it has a much higher scratch resistance when compared to that of annealed glass. In addition to this, plexiglass has a substantial degree of impact resistance too. Perspex windows will be quite tolerant to external forces, so it is unlikely that property owners will need to replace their windows early due to cracks or breakage.