How to Choose the Right Laser Cutting Technique

Which Manufacturing Company Should You Choose?

Do you need metal fabrication services for your latest product? One of the most popular metals for manufacturing purposes is stainless steel. Stainless manufacturing is a great way to create versatile products for a range of industry sectors, yet few companies find it economically viable to invest in their own fabrication workshops.

Unless you create a large number of products with a nonstop manufacturing line, it is more sensible to outsource your production facilities to a contract manufacturer. Using a contract manufacturer is your best course of action, but how can you know that a stainless manufacturing company is the right choice for your business?

How to choose a contract stainless manufacturing company

A good stainless manufacturing company will be able to build simple parts for you by hand, but they should be able to do more than that. They should be able to do everything from creating custom replacement parts for you as needed to working from complex drawings for a big production run. They should also be able to reverse-engineer a design from an existing part if required. In addition to manufacturing your products, a good stainless manufacturing company should be able to work on equipment modification and adaption, research and development work and maintenance as the occasion requires.

What capabilities does a stainless manufacturing company need?

The immediate capabilities you need from your stainless manufacturer will depend on your requirements for your particular job, but it makes sense to choose the best-equipped business you can find. While you may not need every tool in the workshop for your first job, you may in the future. Business is all about building strong working relationships with people and companies you know you can trust. Once you have taken the time to get to know a stainless manufacturing company, it doesn't make sense to start again with a different company. It is better to go back to a company that has got to know your business and can quickly adapt to the way you operate.

Look for a manufacturing company that can offer more than basic cutting and bending facilities. Think about the work that you may need in the future and ask any prospective company about their tooling capabilities.

Do they have all of the following basic tools?

  • TIG and MIG welding facilities
  • Horizontal bandsaws
  • Lathes
  • Steel punches
  • A brake press

Take the time to consider the tools and skills which may be useful for your company in the future, and choose a company that will be a great fit for you going forward.