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Why should you consider a car lift for your home?

Do you spend ages trying to get your car out of your driveway each day? Or do you have difficulty finding somewhere to park when you get home in the evening? Today, it is common for many homes to have more than one car. A married couple may have a car each to get to their respective places of employment. Any adult children living at home could also own their own car. Perhaps one or more of the family also has a work vehicle that needs to be parked at the family home.

The result is that even a double garage is insufficient to accommodate all the family vehicles and the driveway becomes a constant battle with each family member competing to get their car onto the drive and to park in such a way that they don't get blocked in by someone else. If you recognise this scenario, then a car lift could be the answer to your parking problems.

What is a car lift?

Normally a family garage can only fit in one or two cars, and any remaining vehicles are left parked on the driveway obstructing access to the garage for everyone. A car lift offers the opportunity to fit all your cars into a secure garage where they are protected from the elements and thieves. There are a variety of different types of car lift you might consider purchasing but in simple terms: a car lift allows your garage to accommodate more vehicles in the same amount of floor space by stacking the vehicles on top of each other. When you enter the garage, you can simply select the vehicle you want, and that car is placed in the correct position to drive out of the garage, leaving the remaining vehicles stored securely until their owners want to use them.

Which car lift should be fitted to my home?

There are two main types of car lift, and the type you want to install will dictate the amount of work involved. Some types of car lift allow you to drive a car into the garage and then raise that car out of the way so that another car can be parked underneath it. The lower car must then be driven out of the garage before the upper car can be lowered into position and driven away. This works well if you only use one of the cars occasionally or at a certain time of year. It can, however, be less than ideal if you use both cars regularly or never know which vehicle you will need next.

The alternative option will allow you to drive away the top car without needing to move the lower car first. For this type of car lift to work, the installation company will need to dig down below your garage and create a pit into which the lower car can be placed when the top car is lowered to ground level. Once the top car has been removed the lift is raised again and the lower car is ready to be driven away. Call your car lift supplier today and find the parking solution that is right for your family.