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Air cannons and their application in industry

An industrial air cannon is also known as an air blaster. This is an air expansion device that uses a reservoir of stored compressed air or nitrogen along with a fast acting high discharge flow valve to instantly blast air into material handling storage. This industrial device can also be used to blast air into process vessels, bins, chutes or ducts. This is a highly practical device that is strategically placed to use air blasts to unclog or dislodge any buildup of solids that can choke plant productivity and reduce its efficiency. The flow of the air is pointed towards an outlet or direction of flow to blast the buildup with maximum air pressure. 

Blockages reduce productivity

Air cannons are used to resolve all sorts of blockage problems in large-scale storage vessels. Such type of vessels can be found in plants generating electricity as well as in the mining industry where power plants process powders and bulk solids (e.g. metals, paper, pulp, etc.).

Buildup is a common problem that can not only cause downtime but also reduced productivity for any industry in which it occurs. Depending upon the scale and size of the industry application, air cannons are available in a range of sizes. Often, one air cannon will not be enough to unclog the buildup, and multiple air cannons or blasters will have to strategically placed to resolve the issue. 

As opposed to hiring independent contractors to resolve buildup issues in plant vessels, air cannons and blasters offer a simpler, easier and cost-effective solution. Contractors will usually charge a fair amount of money to clean out blockages in vessels; this is why it's best to employ air cannons in the industrial plants to instantly resolve blockage problems.

Customisable options for air cannons 

Air cannons are now being manufactured to withstand all kinds of temperature environments whether they reach extreme lows or highs. They also come with a range of parts and accessories to allow them to be securely fitted in a range of vessels such as silos and hoppers. The nature of air bursts that work to resolve blockages is also an important factor to consider. Some blockages are cleared using short, fast but strong air bursts whereas some require a long but strong burst -- it all depends on the type of material buildup as well as the shape and size of the blocked vessel. Pipes and hoses attached to air blasters offer multiple delivery points to ensure easy blockage removal. 

It is important to consider air cannons as a blockage removal solution for the successful operation of an industrial plant. For more information, contact a company like ESS Engineering today.