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What You Need to Know Before Commencing Sandblasting Work

Sandblasting is widely used as a surface preparation technique for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Whether you're looking to refinish your concrete garage floor, remove rust from industrial machinery or clean boat hulls, sandblasting can be used to prepare almost any surface.    

If you're planning to do sandblasting work, here's what to know before getting started.

Sandblasting Is Potentially Dangerous Work

Sandblasting involves shooting a high-velocity, high-pressure stream of abrasive media against a part or surface to achieve a smooth, clean finish. The projectiles are released from the nozzle of the blasting equipment are potentially dangerous and shouldn't be pointed at people. Plus, some of the hazards associated with sandblasting may be present at the worksite. 

Given the hazards that may arise during sandblasting operations, it's best to leave sandblasting work to trained professionals who know how to comply with applicable safety rules and regulations.

Sand Isn't the Only Blasting Media Used for Sandblasting Projects Today

Though sand has been the traditional choice of abrasive material for sandblasting, there are many different types of abrasive materials available today. Not all sandblasting job are created equal, so it's essential to have a variety of abrasive media to choose from. Some of the popular types of abrasive media for sandblasting applications include steel shots, glass beads, dry ice, steel shots, aluminium oxide, walnut shells and many more. You can use abrasive media other than sand, depending on the specific requirements of your job.

You May Need a Permit Before Beginning Sandblasting Work

Sandblasting work can create a dusty atmosphere that isn't safe for people. That's why many local councils require that you obtain a permit for sandblasting. The permit is intended to ensure your sandblasting job is done in a controlled environment to minimise release of hazardous particles into the environment.

Check if you require a permit before getting started. If you intend to hire a sandblasting contractor, they may help you to apply for the permit.

You May Incur Additional Costs 

Occasionally, damage from the sandblasting could occur to your property or your neighbour's property. You may need to replace some damaged components or do some repainting to restore the aesthetics of the property. So it's wise to budget for any additional expenses that could arise. 

The best way to ensure your sandblasting project is done safely and efficiently is to let a professional to do the work for you.