Which Manufacturing Company Should You Choose?

Do you need metal fabrication services for your latest product? One of the most popular metals for manufacturing purposes is stainless steel. Stainless manufacturing is a great way to create versatile products for a range of industry sectors, yet few companies find it economically viable to invest in their own fabrication workshops. Unless you create a large number of products with a nonstop manufacturing line, it is more sensible to outsource your production facilities to a contract manufacturer. [Read More]

How to Use Thermal Resistivity Testing Before You Sink Your Cables

If you want to develop an area for a new residential or commercial project, you need to investigate the suitability of the terrain and, specifically, the soil. This will help you determine whether you can install underground transmission cables or pipelines to help service your development within the existing soil or if you may have to modify the material for the purpose. To help you answer these questions, you should commission soil thermal resistivity testing. [Read More]

Three reasons to use a commercial laser cutting machine

In a fast-paced, competitive business environment the most efficient way to manufacture your products is to use commercial laser cutting. It may be romantic to harbour dreams of a skilled craftsman carefully shaping each product using hand tools but in the modern world manual techniques are slow and error-prone, they simply do not allow you to compete on price with similar mass-produced products. Here are three reasons why you should use commercial laser cutting for your next production run. [Read More]

Powder Coating: Thermoplastics and Its Different Subgroups

There is a myriad of finishes that are employed for processing and manufacturing. But over the years, powder coating has surpassed the popularity of wet paint due to the array of advantages that this finish offers. If you are determined to utilise powder coating for your processing and manufacturing applications, you need to note that there are two main types of finishes that you can choose from: thermoplastics and thermosets. While your choice will highly depend on your budget coupled with the complexity of the coating process, both are viable options. [Read More]