The Many Industrial Applications of Pulleys

A form of technology that dates back to ancient times, pulleys were in use by Greek and Roman mariners centuries ago to help them gain mechanical advantages—raising up anchors or sails, for instance. In the early days, pulleys would take a simple block and tackle form which is still in evidence today on modern sailing yachts. That said, pulleys also have many industrial applications. Different types of steel, as well as lightweight materials such as aluminium alloys, are common for the manufacturing of industrial pulleys these days. [Read More]

Why Powder Coating Is Superior to Wet Spray Painting

If you are planning to customise the finish of your product, whether it's anything from a car to a railing, you may be leaning toward painting the surface. And while the use of wet spray paint is the conventional method of adding colour to product surfaces, powder coating is steadily becoming the top choice for both residential and industrial applications alike. Powder coating is the process of applying pigments onto a surface electrostatically. [Read More]

A Guide to Buying a Generator

In industrial settings, the generator is an essential piece of equipment, as it ensures that machines continue to run when there is a power outage. They are also used to run various construction and repair machines in areas that do not have an electricity connection. If you want to buy a generator, below are a few tips to help you.  Type of generator.  You have to choose between getting a petrol generator or a diesel generator. [Read More]

The Pros and Cons of Shipping With Timber Skids

Unlike wooden pallets, timber skids have no bottom deck boards – they only have a single deck. This quality lends itself to use for storage and shipping of heavy loads. If you're looking to use skids to ship large and heavy machinery or heavy items like rolled steel and precast concrete beams, you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of these shipping products.  Here's a rundown of what you need to know about the pros and cons of using timber skids. [Read More]