Air cannons and their application in industry

An industrial air cannon is also known as an air blaster. This is an air expansion device that uses a reservoir of stored compressed air or nitrogen along with a fast acting high discharge flow valve to instantly blast air into material handling storage. This industrial device can also be used to blast air into process vessels, bins, chutes or ducts. This is a highly practical device that is strategically placed to use air blasts to unclog or dislodge any buildup of solids that can choke plant productivity and reduce its efficiency.

Why should you consider a car lift for your home?

Do you spend ages trying to get your car out of your driveway each day? Or do you have difficulty finding somewhere to park when you get home in the evening? Today, it is common for many homes to have more than one car. A married couple may have a car each to get to their respective places of employment. Any adult children living at home could also own their own car.

Powder Coating: Thermoplastics and Its Different Subgroups

There is a myriad of finishes that are employed for processing and manufacturing. But over the years, powder coating has surpassed the popularity of wet paint due to the array of advantages that this finish offers. If you are determined to utilise powder coating for your processing and manufacturing applications, you need to note that there are two main types of finishes that you can choose from: thermoplastics and thermosets. While your choice will highly depend on your budget coupled with the complexity of the coating process, both are viable options.

Safety Tips Once You Buy a Compressed Air Treatment System

Over the years, more and more business owners have opted to buy a compressed air treatment system for their workspaces. Whether you own a factory or your line of business is in construction, a compressed air treatment system can be highly beneficial for the productivity of your business. However, since compressed air treatment systems seem to be easy to operate, some business owners may underestimate the safety hazards posed if the equipment is employed incorrectly.

What Type of Lift Do You Actually Need for Your One-Time Project?

If your new project involves quite a lot of work at height then you need to hire some equipment that can take care of this as efficiently and safely as possible. You may not be familiar with the industry, as you've never had to perform at this level before, so you will be interested in the various options on the market and how each one works. How can you narrow down your choices before everything gets underway?